Our services

Besides websites, we offer services in the field of design and web marketing

Website development:

  1. Personalized design that distinguishes Your resource against the competitors
  2. Functionality that is aimed to provide commodity to the visitors of Your website
  3. Comfortable and simple management system, adapted specifically for Your website

Work process:

  • Initial consulting & briefing
  • Submitting the agreement
  • Down payment
  • Developing the Statement of Work
  • Design Development
  • Second payment (if applies)
  • Programming
  • Website release
  • Project presentation and website management instruction
  • Final payment


corporate website - starting from $1399,
time of development - from 3 weeks

web store - starting from $1999,
time of development - from 4 weeks

Payment options:

50-50 – 50% down payment, 50% at project completion

30-30-40 – 30% down payment, 30% after layouts’ approval, 40% upon project completion

Corporate style

In addition to the web site, we’ll be also happy to develop the logo and corporate style for Your company

Corporate style basic package includes:

  • Logo in vector format, colored and b/w versions
  • Business card
  • A4 letterheads for documents

Basic package price:

$279. Time of development - up to 1 week

Corporate style xtended package includes:

  • Logo in vector format, color and b/w versions
  • 2-side business card
  • A4 letterhead for documents
  • A4/A5/Euro envelopes
  • Folder
  • Brochure

Extended package price:

$439. Time of development - up to 10 days


We offer several versions of the logo, based on client's demands

A 20% discount applies, when You order the package with website development

Optimization for search engines & website promotion

Our company acknowledges the importance of promotion for the website that absolutely fulfills the demands and expectations of our customers. It is to the interest of the search engine itself to display such website as a top search result

The promotion work is performed in two stages and oriented to mainly Google systems, which deal with over 75% of all search inquiries in English web field

First stage:

  • We define the list of search inquiries to which the website should appear in search engines, and then we evaluate potential traffic.
  • We project the visitor’s interaction with the website, and set the visitor-client acquisition criteria.
  • The website is filled with the text and other content.
  • We perform the insertion of hyperlinks inside web pages and internal optimization.
  • We register website in search engines, its region, and point out the themes it should be related to.
  • We create ad campaigns in Yandex Direct and Google AdWords, based on semantic kernel


The price of performed tasks: starting at $279

Second stage:

The second promotion page deals with increasing the number of references in the web, as well as the links that lead to the website

The references are placed in various platforms and resources (websites, forums, catalogues, social networks and groups), on content related pages


The performed tasks are subscription-based - starting at $139/month


We offer our clients to place the website on our company’s server

Hosting package includes:

  • Unlimited traffic and speed for Your website
  • 10Gb of storage space
  • Perl/PHP5/SSI/Python/CGI support
  • Weekly reserve copying of data to a separate server
  • Statistics setup (Google Analytics)
  • 24/7 servers’ status monitoring
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Email setup on Your domain
  • Transporting data from other platforms: free of charge
  • Our gift: 2nd website placement is for free!


$12.99/month, $139 if You buy 1-year subscription!

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