Corporate portal

Corporate website/portal implies the creation of regular community or circle of visitors for itself. Examples of such portals are regulars of night clubs, who look through the pictures that are uploaded on nightclub's website after every single party, in order to tag themselves or their friends. The option to exchange comments will heat up the interest in the venue, while photo sharing through social networks will draw new people to the community

The range of subjects for the communities is incredibly wide - from various forms of spending leisure time to the exchange of professional skills and business offers


  • website for Night club
  • website for Dance studio
  • website for Tourist agency
  • website for Museum
  • website for Sports Federation
  • website for School
  • website for Cultural Institution
  • website for Trade Center
  • website for Office building
  • website for Hotel
  • website for Real estate agency
  • website for Bus station
  • website for Electronics manufacturer

Solves the tasks:

  1. Creates the network of users for the company and its brand
  2. Provides the information about new products and special offers
  3. Acts as primary source containing essential information for clients and partners
  4. Conducts after-sale service and client support

It is an extended version of corporate website with additional sections and options


  • User registration options
  • Extended catalogue of products and services
  • Pages with contact information and banking details
  • Tools for synchronizing lists of products and prices with booking and warehouse inventory software
  • Options to divide website administrator & content manager rights, extended management of accounts

Field of implementation:

Allows user’s registration and wider interaction with the website: they can leave comments, place orders, upload own data, participate in surveys, make reservations, etc

Such website acts as the place of company’s interaction with its clients. It may contain feedback and photo reports published by clients, as well as various interactive tools for choosing the product or offers by a group of parameters

The website also allows to place document archives or specifications with complex structure, as well as multi-level catalogues of products

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