Corporate website

Corporate website is the face of the company in the Internet. Besides presenting the products and services, the website also has image duties - to ensure all interested visitors, that the company is solid, trustworthy, and has firmly taken its place on the market.

Corporate website is the first thing that is found by the people who look up the information about Your brand in the web - it can be potential clients or partners, as well as searchers for Your job openings


  • website for Fitness center
  • website for Spa salon
  • website for Wedding salon
  • website for Wedding operator
  • website for Photo Studio
  • website for Dental clinic
  • website for PR agency
  • website for Sport complex
  • website for Water park
  • website for Zoo
  • website for Cinema
  • website for Cafe, anticafe
  • website for Restaurant
  • website for Hostel
  • website for Print shop
  • website for Taxi service
  • website for Architectural & Construction Company
  • website for Election Campaign

Solves the tasks:

  1. Increases the loyalty of the personnel, clients, and partners
  2. Presents the list of provided services, products, and offers
  3. Shapes the company’s image and extended corporate style, and increases the brand’s recognizability
  4. Informs clients and partners about the events, new offers and services


  • List of services or catalogue of products
  • Section with news and publications
  • Announcements of discounts and special offers
  • Product manuals
  • Information pages
  • Pictures, videos, and other promotional material
  • Page with contacts, banking details, and map

The field of implementation:

Presents company’s activity, as well as the range of its products or services. Acts as the medium of brand development, product & services display in the web

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