Single page promo-website

The least comlicated of all - single page website (aka landing page). One page, nothing excessive. Such website can achieve impressive results, if you draw enough visitors and there's precise action required from them to be taken, i.e placing specific order or making a call to Your office.

The website will be filled with encouraging texts and graphics. The higher the quality of graphic elements, the stronger client's trust towards the website, and the higher is the probability of required actions to be performed by the users


  • website for Promo-event or campaign
  • website for Promotion of new product
  • website for Mobile app or game

Solves following tasks:

  1. Acts as hub that accumulates the clients drawn during ad campaign
  2. Informs the potential buyers about specific product
  3. Provides the product concept’s explanation, as well as its essential advantages against the rest of the market
  4. Holds a powerful motivating influence: to submit the purchase, order the service, or perform any other precise action


  • Well structured main page
  • Top-notch graphics and animation, used for highlighting the priorities
  • Game elements and contents (depending on the overall concept of ad campaign)

Areas of implementation:

Such websites are used during marketing campaigns in order to promote the specific product, event, or venue

It is a great choice for promoting mobile apps and games

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