Personal website

Personal website is a small website that contains description of Your occupation. It usually doesn't have branched structure; it is, however, capable of containing portfolio, business description, or blog.

First and foremost, we're interested in developing personal websites for professionals - individual enterpreneurs, as well as small family businesses

Professional website examples:

  • website for Photographer
  • website for Stylist
  • website for Make-up artist
  • website for Translator
  • website for Artist
  • website for Designer
  • website for Journalist
  • website for Lawyer
  • website for Notary
  • website for Politician

Solves the tasks:

  1. Presents the specialist’s portfolio, projects conducted
  2. Confirms work experience and professionalism in the specified field
  3. Increases the trust and loyalty of potential clients and partners


  • Page with the occupation description
  • The section with portfolio and completed work
  • Invitation to partners
  • The page with references and feedback

Field of implementation:

The primary use is as portfolio of completed works. It can contain gallery, texts, and other materials that may be of interest to the potential clients. Almost always contains pages with contact information and work description.

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