Web Store

In addition to the Corporate website and web showcase, the store is entitled to accepting and processing the orders online, displaying delivery status, client's shopping history,and integrated web payment options. In addition to advanced search, the catalogue of products can be upgraded with filters by price, colour, product styles, and other parameters

Online sales:

  • web store for mobile phone accessories
  • web store for flowers
  • web store for gifts
  • web store for souvenirs
  • web store for clothes
  • web store for course books
  • web store for fashion jewelry
  • web store for furniture
  • web store for antiques
  • web store for electronic devices

Solves the tasks:

  1. Presents detailed catalogue of products
  2. Online sales as is, delivery status tracking
  3. Runs the clients’ database for future targeted offers

Extended version of web showcase with personal account and the history of orders


  • Catalogue of products with the gallery, tables indicating parameters, sizes, and specifications
  • Extended filtering and search tools
  • Order formation and proceeding system
  • Integration of online payment system
  • User account with personal information and order history
  • Tools for synchronizing the lists of products and prices with accounting and warehouse inventory software
  • Product filter with accordance to a number of parameters
  • References and feedback
  • News
  • Special offers

Field of implementation:

Conducting the online sales of products and services, web distribution both of the stores that already exist offline, and those fully oriented to online sales

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