Web showcase

Web showcase:

Web showcase is built around Your catalogue of products and services. The products are provided with thorough description, pictures, and instructions. Web showcase is intended to provide the client with the choice of a product from the offered range, but doesn't imply the process of accepting and processing online orders

  • website for Showcase website
  • website for Workshop, accepting online orders
  • website for ССTV integration
  • website for IT solutions integrator
  • website for Print shop
  • website for Confectionery
  • website for Textile factory
  • website for Home decoration materials manufacturer
  • website for Car store
  • website for Steelwork manufacturer

Solves the following tasks:

  1. Informs the potential client about the range of products
  2. Facilitates the communication with clients by using published catalogues and product’s stock-keeping units
  3. Publishes the news, announcements, offers, etc.

Extended version of corporate website emphasizing the catalogue of products


  • Products’ catalogue with gallery, tables indicating the measurements, sizes, and specifications.
  • Tools for synchronising the lists of products and prices with accounting & warehouse inventory software
  • Product filter with accordance to a number of parameters
  • References and feedback
  • News
  • Special offers

Field of implementation:

Suits well for the companies that offer ready-to-operate solutions, when it is complicated for the client to formulate the order online by himself. Launching the website aims to introduce the client to the product and offer to contact the company representative for clarifying the details

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