Website development is the main direction of our professional work

Setting the objective

Why do You need a website in the first place? The correct answer to this question allows to formulate success criteria of the whole project, as well as to come up with necessary budget

Website = automatization

The main idea behind the majority of informational systems is the automatization of various processes, as in terminology of commercial organizations - business processes. Even the simplest single display page is able to effectively automate the process of introducing the potential clients to Your company’s services, as well as to facilitate the work of sales manager and secretary

Well presented single page website with correctly formulated budget and tuned Yandex.Direct ad campaign will easily act as a sales manager who is usually occupied with cold calling to potential clients. At the same time the website is developed once, doesn’t need a vacation or maternity leave, and will never ask for a raise

Website is mandatory stage of brand development

Well-thought-through and classy-looking website acclaims the successful status of the company. Good website is not only the primary source of information about Your business; it also creates an impression about You to the potential clients and partners. Usually the clients can’t see the inner harmony and reliability of Your company, but they can evaluate the logic and structure of Your website and draw the parallels from there

Website types

Division of websites into types is rather theoretical - it is easy to imagine the showcase website with the elements of corporate website, or personal website with integrated web store. The price of the project depends on the number of pages, the complexity of launching website logics, and the labor input into drawing the necessary graphic elements. In this section we offer some typical projects, in order to give You heads up

Here we’ve collected the main website types and highlighted the problems they solve, but Your project will always be distinct and personalized

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