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Corporate style development for a photographer

Kristina Korolyova is a talented wedding photographer from Moscow. She is known for her love of outdoor marriage registrations and intolerance to balloons used in decorations


To develop logo, corporate style, and web site for publishing the portfolio

  • Cute, “girly” style
  • Light, airy hues

Success criteria

  1. To distinguish Kristina from enormous amount of listings by other Moscow photographers
  2. To increase trust and loyalty of brides and grooms
  3. To increase the orders’ flow & acquisition, as well as decrease refusal index


The logo has been developed in few variations: colored, shades of grey, and inverted version for applying on dark surfaces

as watermark, for photographs

the logo is used in video captions

Business card and corporate letterhead

Corporate style is continued by business card and A4 letterhead, which can be used for printing agreements and letters

Contacts are placed on the top of letterhead, thus creating extra advertising medium, and facilitates the Kristina’s reference to bride’s friends


Strongly pronounced corporate style identifies published photographs with Kristina and makes them more memorable

While staying simple for the visitor, the website performs all necessary duties:

  • Multi-level portfolio section, for photographs and video
  • Thorough description of services
  • Section with clients’ feedback
  • Contact details, feedback forms, social media links

The site automatically optimizes uploaded photographs for the web, and installs the watermark

Final results

  1. Significant increase of the time visitors spend on the website, as well as the number of viewed pages
  2. Improved brand awareness within professional network
  3. 50% increase in the number of orders, compared to the equal period data for the previous year

Client’s feedback

Lampa offered to re-develop the site, leaving only my photographs and domain name. They used my sketches, and succeeded in designing everything the way I wanted

Now the website contains more than 1500 photographs, while staying very simple for the clients, and it is very easy to manage

Besides that, Lampa’s created business cards and letterheads. My brides are often amused by the letterhead forms and fill them out with greater pleasure than the older pale forms (although the text remains the same)

I’d also like to point out, that it has been very comfortable and nice to communicate with Lampa staff, who are always polite and professional

I’d recommend them to anyone!

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