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Web showcase development

“38 offers” (“38 predlozheniy” - rus.) is a successful interior decoration store chain in Velikiy Novgorod. Excellent quality of presented finishing materials is combined with high service quality and moderate prices


To develop a corporate website for publishing the catalogue of products

  • It is necessary to align corporate style with the existing brand book and guidelines
  • It is vital to keep the simplicity of navigation within the catalogue, considering the publication of significant items’ number
  • To emphasise the quality of service and premium approach in working with clients

Success criteria

  1. To increase the recognizability of the brand “38 offers” in Velikiy Novgorod
  2. To increase the client flow in company’s authorised stores

Evaluation of pre-existing corporate style

At the moment of us launching the work the company had brandbook and a set of high-quality corporate style guidelines. Besides the logo, we used the catalogue icons and fonts, thus creating the succession of corporate style

Main page and panoramas

With the client’s recommendations, we’ve prepared the main page with panoramas of company stores’ interiors.
We’ve shot over dozen of panoramas from various spots and chosen the best ones. Website administration panel allows to sort and add new panoramas within set format

We've placed the bars of discounts and special offers under the panorama module

Catalogue of products

For the catalogue of products we’ve created two layouts: wallpapers and murals are placed into rectangular bars, while chandeliers, curtain rods, and decorative moldings - into circles

The spinning of fresca carousel creates a truly charming effect. All the pictures are available for full-screen view

Pages of contact information and special offers

The website automatically optimises uploaded images for the web


  1. Significant length of website’s view by the clients, as well as the number of the viewed pages
  2. Constant increase of search traffic with the inquiry “38 offers”
  3. The emersion of the flow containing store visitors that refer to the website catalogue


Since organising the online sales was not the initially set objective, we did not see the necessity to create separate page for every existing wallpaper roll

Taking into account the store chain’s enormous range of products, as well as the absence of online sales module, it was not our intent to create interactive renewal of products in the catalogue. It was enough to convince the website visitor in the vastness of offers and high service quality, and to direct him to one of company’s stores, where he’ll be met by the consultants and be assisted with making the decision

The demonstration of products is organised in sliders with automatic scroll, so the visitor doesn’t have to perform a ton of clicks in order to switch from one collection to another - it is enough to just open the website and start viewing. Having been convinced in the high range of chain’s offers, the visitor goes to the contact information page where he finds the store that is closest to his current location

The budget of similar project

starting from $1449

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